Welcome to our official website where you'd have a glimpse of Kennix as a company, our goal is to be the leading Technology and Innovation enterprise, where we build technologies that drive the growth of any organisation, that aid the day-to-day operations of every individuals, using the latest engineering tools to build hardwares and softwares, we are committed to building bridges that links "now" to the "future" via our innovative approach to solving emerging problems, bordering around climate change, and many other challenging situations, like finance, military, health industries respectively. Thank you for deciding to take this mini tour via our website" ~~ Charles Ademola Akinyemi, Chairman Kennix group

Our Story

Kennix, initially Charles Tech, founded in 2019, is a multi-faceted tech company that uses technology to enhance the lives of all our users. Part of our core values is to deliver every product with execellence and ensure the utmost user satisfaction. We are a company that provides technological solutions that cut across different industries such as Digital Entertainment, Finance, Gaming, social media and automotive industry, AI, IoT, Computer systems.

We use a revolutionary design-driven and meticulous approach at delivering digital solutions and services that are anchored on in-depth product/project research, robust marketing and strategic service philosophy.

We are known for adhering to project scopes, quality deliverables and prompt feedback, with a dedicated team of savvy professionals.

Our Mission

To create value, by solving complex problems with simple solutions, and making accessibility to digital space more seamless across different industries.

Our Vision

To be in the top five internationally renowned corporations, by implementing and supporting critical technology-based solutions across the Globe.

Furthermore, we have a talent outsourcing platform with a pool of top-rated personnels to cater to your project from research and design, through development and implementation all recruited through an exhaustive process.

Our resource personnel are articulate, analytical, and understand the nuances of each client’s business and project scope with a focus for quality and timely delivery.

Because of our continued quest for excellence in service delivery, we are constantly adapting to newer technologies and innovations and have evolved into a Zestful firm that offers robust Technical Enterprise solutions.

Do you have a dream?

Allow us bring your dreams to life. We are ready to listen to your need and proffer solutions in different areas of technology and business

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